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Tyler Ruzich


I’m Tyler Ruzich, a young man with serious concerns about the welfare of our state and some ideas about how we can make Kansas a better place to live, learn and work.  Though  I didn't win the primary, almost 3,000 people believed enough in me and  my message to give me their votes.


Here's a brief overview of my campaign.

Ruzich for Governor campaign overview

My goal is to reach the young voters of Kansas— to get them involved in the local, state and national issues that will determine their future.  But my focus is on improving the lives of all our citizens from our cities to our rural communities.


I’ve lived in Kansas most of my life with my parents and my younger sister Sadie. When I’m not at school, in a debate tournament or out meeting people to learn more about their concerns for Kansas, I work as a cashier at our local Hy-Vee supermarket. 


Thank you for taking time to meet me.  I look forward to your emails.  Please share your thoughts and ideas for building a strong future for Kansas.

A Republican for the Next Generation


Voter Registration

I encourage all eligible voters to register and vote in every election.  Participation in the electoral process is critical to the preservation of our nation’s democracy and the future of a strong Kansas.  I especially challenge young people to get involved.


School Funding

I want Kansas to be among the top ten states in funding and support for education.  I believe we can achieve the sorely needed public school funding through a moderate increase in the corporate tax rate and personal property taxes.  The future of Kansas, in large part, depends on our ability to provide our state’s students much needed, overall improvements in our state’s public education institutions.  



I would support a moderate increase in the corporate tax rate for companies with more than 50 employees, with no tax increase for small businesses, sole proprietorships, S-Corps and LLC’s.


While I respect the traditions and freedoms of the Second Amendment, I support universal background checks and the repeal of the current law which allows the presence of guns on the campuses of public universities. 



I believe Kansas should provide a welcoming environment for all who pay taxes, abide by our laws and contribute positively to the life and culture of Kansas. If these expectations are met, I would support a clear pathway to U.S. citizenship.



Water conservation continues to be critical to the economic and environmental viability of our state.  I support increased spending for research into the distribution of soil moisture sensors to encourage private farms to transition from spray irrigation to drip systems. Updating these systems could have a positive impact on the Ogallala Aquifer, creating a more stable outlook for agriculture across Kansas. 


Equal Rights

I believe Kansas should be a welcoming place to all, regardless of race, religion, sex and LGBTQ+ identification. There is no place for the tolerance of bigotry or inequality in a progressive, prosperous state.


Job Growth

I believe we can improve job growth through equitable taxation of businesses along with fiscal responsibility for state funds for public works. By improving our infrastructure we help ensure our strength in a competitive marketplace. 

Tyler Ruzich, 2018 GOP candidate for Governor of Kansas, has named Dominic Scavuzzo of Leawood, KS, his Lieutenant Governor running mate.  


“Republicans for the Next Generation,” both candidates are moderates who are dedicated to bi-partisanship and making Kansas fair, prosperous and open to opportunity for all residents. 


They view their candidacy as a catalyst to encourage young voters to get involved and make their voice heard by voting for candidates who represent them and all registered voters across the state.


Ruzich is a senior at Shawnee Mission North High School, and Scavuzzo has graduated from Rockhurst High School. 




A Republican for the Next Generation


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